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Any plans to release the android version here on Itchio as well?

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This is great, but it should cost more! It's only $0.19 right now with the conversion rate (which I didn't know until after the purchase).

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Can you put the jam version for free? so it will be a demo or something like this


wow pretty amazing! Id love to talk about the game idea, its very similar to something i been thinking about. 

Hi Pete! PM me! Tell me more about your idea!

Sent you a DM on twitter 

I loved the arts, music, animations and dialogs!!
Do you make it all alone?

Some original graphics were designed by other artists, which I took for inspiration when I designed for Super RPG Land. The soundtrack was created by other composers, but all are in the public domain. But overall, the game was developed by me over the course of the week.

This is cute and amazing. +1 Charisma +1 Intelligence from me!

is there anything else to do after i beat the mines and tempest? or is this wip?

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Hello! The final version is now live! With all the content after your current progress. Just keep playing!

nice :3


The music is really good.


I'm sure you're still plunking away at this, but is there a rom to play this on OG hardware? :D

Hello! The game was developed using RpgMV and PixiJS, although it simulates all the limitations of a Game Boy game, it is not really a Game Boy game. The images I posted on Game Boy Twitter running were just a prank for disclosure. But I thank you for your attention. And maybe a GBC version doesn't really happen? I have seen something about GB Studio, and I intend to start a project on it later.