A downloadable Super RPG Land DX

Super RPG Land DX is an Old School RPG that brings all the glamour and nostalgia of the best role-playing games of the 90s back, in a brand new adventure!

Control a group of adventurers in the vast kingdom of Loreland, in search of what everyone craves the most: GOLD! FAME! EXP! LOOT! SUPER LOOT!

Welcome to Smallonia, a city that is bigger than its name suggests! When an unknown being arrives in the lands surrounding the city, along with him many creatures appear causing trouble in various regions, it is up to you to unravel what lies behind an ancient prophecy, and take away all the shadows that hover over the continent.

Defeat enemies, explore dungeons, unravel mysteries, complete quests and conquer everything in the Kingdom of Loreland! This time even more SUPER! SUPER DELUXE!

Heavily inspired by the handheld RPGs of the 1990s, with detailed 8-bit graphics, the game is being created to bring many nostalgic elements together with the practicality of many new features to create an experience with all the charm, heart and soul of the games that many generations have loved and continue to love.

  • Explore the vast kingdom of Loreland, searching for new routes and paths, and unlocking new areas in a fast and fun movement scheme inspired by board games and other well-known games! Who knows what awaits you in each new area?
  • Meet towns, places, talk to NPCs and listen to the rumors around the place! Many adventures can arise where you least expect them!
  • Caves, Dungeons, Hidden Temples and Abandoned Castles. Loreland has many mysterious locations, ready to be discovered! Who knows what treasures are waiting to be discovered? Exploration and Collecting? Quests and Puzzles? Loreland awaits you, opening its doors to let you discover every corner of this amazing place!

  •  Assemble your party by choosing three characters with their initial attributes and equipment, and evolve them in your own way! Super RPG Land DX features a new Jobs and Sub-Jobs system that allows for extensive customization of each character! 12 main Jobs that can be combined with each other, resulting in up to 78 different Jobs!
  •  Over 280 different Skills can be equipped, between passive and active skills, resulting in many different combinations! Several combat mechanics, such as Buffs, Debuffs, Skills that connect to each other creating different combos, Field Control Skills, Direct and Indirect Damage... Combine as you wish, and create countless strategies! 
  •  With a new materials system, with more than 70 simple and complex materials that change everything from attributes to the behavior of your characters in combat, build your own Builds on each character, from amazing combos to direct and functional strategies! 
  •  Want a Critical Damage Thunder Throwing Super Wizard? Or a Paladin Protector Colossus with Huge Shield? A Monk who disappears and causes sequences of blows? A Magical Swordsman Fighter? In Super RPG Land DX use your imagination and combine them any way you like!

  • Get a Headquarters for your clan! The place will initially need some repairs, but I assure you it won't be hard to rebuild all the rooms!
  • Recruit various NPCs around Loreland for your clan, increasing your level of influence! Talk to them, complete their quests or bring them new materials to supply them with new items, equipment and more! Each NPC you recruit can give you valuable options to help you further in your adventures!
  • And who knows what secrets may be kept below your headquarters? 

  • Super RPG Land DX is designed to simulate a full 8-bit Classic RPG experience, along the lines of the handhelds that many loved in past generations. You can fully customize your experience!
  • Choose from different filters, color palettes and shaders that simulate the experience of playing on an old platform! Do you like the noises of an old TV or the scanlines of a good old VHS? Or maybe 4 colors are enough for you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Loreland? 
  • Choose between automatic map scrolling, or per-screen scrolling, simulating the unique game transition effects that live in our hearts. Combine a variety of options and make Super RPG Land DX your perfect experience! And change it whenever you want! Super RPG Land DX was made for you to enjoy in the way you like best!

Come on, heroes! A new world lies ahead of you! Just waiting for you to put on your sprites and walk through the vastness that this place holds! Whether you have 4 or 64 colors, scalines and pixels, come make your history in Super RPG Land DX!

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Will the game be released later this year?

Deleted 144 days ago

have date to demo ?

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Hi, I'm finalizing some details to finish the Early Access version (with practically half the game complete, and covering all the content of the first game with a lot of additional content, practically 5x more than the original had). I'm trying to launch this version for this month! 

The projet as abandoned ?

No, the project is in full swing! We’re currently testing and fixing bugs for the launch of Early Access in the coming months. Early Access will have all the remastered content from the first game + lots of additional content, Quests and new character classes. I’ll be releasing more news soon!

Wow, this game is like a DREAM!!!! Amazing stuff. Is this just like a super-charged version of Super RPG Land, or is it more like a sequel?


That's the thing... IT'S BOTH! Super RPG Land DX not only expands on the content of the original SRL, but continues the story! For everyone who wanted to know what was "beyond the bridge and beyond", DX brings a new and bigger experience!

Looks awesome!